News release from Scottish Borders Council

Monday 15 January 2021

Last chance for Borderers to take part in Council budget consultation

Borderers are being encouraged to take part in the consultation for this year’s Scottish Borders Council budget before the closing date later this month.

Residents will have until 31 January to make their submissions and have their voices heard.

The consultation gives local residents the opportunity to have their say on key local matters and tell the Council where investment in local resources and projects should be prioritised.

The feedback will be used to help develop the Council’s 2021-22 financial plan and inform future priorities as part of a refreshed Corporate Plan.

This year’s consultation focuses on some high-level issues facing the Council and the wider area and residents are being asked to allocate a limited number of points across these to provide insight on local priorities.

The online consultation can be accessed via or directly at

Councillor Shona Haslam, Leader of the Council, said: “By taking part in our consultation before it closes on 31 January, residents within the area will have a valuable opportunity to contribute their views on what they think should be prioritised in the 2021 budget and beyond.

“Along with our more immediate priorities, the Council will be identifying a number of longer term aims as part of our updated Corporate Plan.”

Councillor Mark Rowley, Executive Member for Economic Regeneration and Finance said: “The sustained impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had across all of the Council’s services throughout last year and into 2021 has been massive.

“The continued ramifications of the virus will require a sustained financial response throughout the forthcoming year and that will remain a top priority for the Council as we support our region to fully recover. As a result, prioritising how our funding is allocated for the year ahead and some of our future priorities will take careful consideration.

“We are therefore calling on Borderers to provide feedback on how they would prioritise funding for a number of key challenges facing the Council before the consultation process closes on 31 January.

“The feedback from residents across our local communities is a vital tool used to inform and shape the Council’s financial plan and long term corporate priorities.”

For more information, contact the Communications and Marketing team on 01835 826632 or

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