Industrial Section – Saturday 28th September 2024

For Children and Grown-ups, enter your baking, crafts, artwork and vegetables.

The Ellemford Show is a vibrant, wee Agricultural Show with a big fan base. Every year, weather permitting, on the last Saturday of September young and old come together in the Industrial tent to enter their baking, crafts, artwork, flowers and vegetables. It’s a rare step back in time with the large white tent and the tables covered with fresh white tablecloths, proudly displaying all the beautiful entries.

If you would like to enter, all the entries must be in by 10.30 am, accompanied by a sealed envelope with the class number on the outside and your name, telephone number and address inside (please add the age if the exhibitor is a child or under 25). There is only one entry permitted per class, except for the craft and vegetable sections. The gentleman with the most points outside the sticks and vegetable classes wins the Gentleman’s Cup!

Entries are auctioned at the end of the afternoon.  If you wish to retain your entry, please write ‘Not for Auction’ on the outside of the envelope and collect it just AFTER 3.00pm (or ask someone to collect it for you).

Only one entry per person is permitted in each class, other than in the Crafts (Class 29-36) with up to 2 entries and the Stick Section.

The entry fee is 10p for each class, apart from the children’s classes, which are free.  Entry fees to be paid at the door on the day of the show, or left in the envelope accompanying the exhibit if you arrive before 9.00am

Any pastry should be homemade.  Preserves must be covered with a wax disc either cellophane or a new screw top.

Judging takes place from 11 – 12 noon after which the tent will be open to the public.  the judge has the right to withhold any prize.

The Prize Giving Presentation takes place at 14.30 pm. (approx)

Please download the Ellemford Show Schedule 2024 for more information about what and how to enter.


Industrial Section | Photo: Karen Kirkness


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