As of 6th December 2023, there are 7 elected members of the Community Council and 3 vacancies. Council members and officers are:

  • Mr William Landale, Ellemford (Chair)
  • Mrs Anna Dabrowska, Rigfoot
  • Mrs Morag Rodger, Longformacus
  • Mr Anthony Homer, Rigfoot (Treasurer)
  • Mr Alastair Gordon, Cranshaws
  • Mr Clive Warsop, Longformacus
  • Mr Adam Prokopowicz, Rigfoot

As your Community Council, we would love to hear from you if you have items you would like addressed by the council, or issues you would like us to raise with SBC.

Come and speak to any one of us directly, or you can contact the council at Your message will be passed to all community council members.

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